Dance Awakening

(Nike), 2019

An experience in motion
"We believe that every Black woman is a tourmaline; we need to realise that. It is not easy to find our power, but projects like ours are tools of change and amplify the voice of Black women." — Aline Constantino, Founder of Turmalinas Negras

Nike Icon Clash is a gear collection designed to push black women forward. However, in Brazil, black women are constantly pushed back. Inspired by the African saying that 'we must connect to our roots to achieve our full potential as we move forward,' we teamed up with Turmalinas Negras and the superstar singer Ludmilla to launch a dance routine that also serves as a timeline, connecting black women with their ancestry during Black History Month. 

Role: Creative Idea / Copywriter
Director: Juliana Almeida 
Artists: Turmalinas Negras, Ludmilla 

Blue Light Movement

Blue Light was hand painted by the brazilian artist Pegge, using watery elements to represent liquids that are often involved in domestic violence: alcohol and tears. Everything was created to raise the flag for this contemporary problem.