Erika Moreira

Érika Moreira is a Brazilian copywriter living in Amsterdam.
Although she has experience creating work for global brands
such as Nike, Samsung, Netflix, Duolingo, and Evian, she still
has extreme difficulty speaking about herself in the first person.
But bear with her. 

Selected Works 2017–2023

Selected Works 2017–2023

Dance Awakening

A platform available on the Nike Training Club app to tell a story of birth, connection, roots, protection, recognition and awakening through dance. Using sport and movement as catalysts for black women’s empowerment.

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Blue Light Movement

Blue Light was hand painted by the brazilian artist Pegge, using watery elements to represent liquids that are often involved in domestic violence: alcohol and tears. Everything was created to raise the flag for this contemporary problem.


The Doll I've Never Asked For

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved playing ball. But she was a girl, so people would only give her dolls.They gave her one, two, three... So many dolls that she even lost track of how many.

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Nike Air Cloud Max

When sneakerheads were in lockdown, we transformed their windows into a Nike shop window. People simply had to access, point their phones to the sky and find virtual cloud versions of Air Max 90 and 2090.

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Samsung Galaxy A

For the new generation of smartphone owners, a phone is not just a phone, its the centre of their world – used for self expression, studying and side-hustles in equal measure… And we wanted to celebrate that.

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Right to Run

Caster Semenya is an incredibly accomplished runner, Olympian, and world record holder who, along with other DSD female athletes, has been a victim of unfair discrimination and outright bans that violate her right to run.

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Level Up Your Language Game

A New Year's campaign made to motivate language learners across Brazil, Mexico, the UK, US and Germany to stick to their goals and (re)start to learn a new language.

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Open Sky Exhibition

An open-air exhibition on the largest avenue in São Paulo made to bring awareness and knowledge about the history of Brazilian women's football and introduce them to the subject. The first step of our campaign for the Women's World Cup.

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Alice | O Voo

Voo is the first song ever recorded in motion, made exclusively to launch a Brazilian health tech startup, Alice. The track also incorporates binaural beats, known for boosting emotional well-being and self-confidence.

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Together Change Is Beautiful

evian and Balmain understand that change is so much greater when it is created as a collective. When like-minded changemakers join forces, there’s no limit to the positive change they can create.

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6 Underground | Netflix

Drawing inspiration from the Netflix movie '6 Underground', we came up with a campaign starring the one person who could pull off a fake death to erase their past: former F1 pilot Rubinho Barrichello

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Misci Brand Launch

Misci, an indie Brazilian brand, debuted at São Paulo Fashion Week 2020. With COVID, the show shifted to Instagram Live, sparking thoughts about Brazil, its governance, and a brighter future.

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