Level Up Your Language Game

(Duolingo), 2022

Language learning can feel unreachable and intimidating sometimes, so Duolingo gives you the tools to make it feel fun and effective, giving you the motivation to hit whatever level you set yourself. Our New Year’s 2022 creative platform for the world’s #1 language learning app encapsulates a message on convenience, as well as highlighting the new and effective UI features that can help you reach your goals. The objective of the campaign was to encourage would-be language learners across Brazil, Mexico, UK, US and Germany to download Duolingo and (re)start learning and keep their new year’s language resolutions.

Role: Creative Idea / Copywriter
Animation Studio: Le Cube

Open Sky Exhibition

An open-air exhibition on the largest avenue in São Paulo made to bring awareness and knowledge about the history of Brazilian women's football and introduce them to the subject. The first step of our campaign for the Women's World Cup.

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