Misci Brand Launch

(Misci), 2020

Misci is an independent Brazilian fashion brand that made its debut at São Paulo Fashion Week in 2020. Due to the coronavirus, the fashion show had to be conducted on Instagram Live. The objective was to prompt the audience to contemplate Brazil, the current government, and how we will progress from this situation towards a better country and world.

Director: Luisa Clark
Photographer: Marina Benzaquem
Photography Assistants: João Rios and Nathalia Atayade
Styling: Thainá Arone
Graphic Design: scc studio
Radio Voiceover: Alan Leandro
Voiceover and Soundtrack: Josyara

Dance Awakening

A platform available on the Nike Training Club app to tell a story of birth, connection, roots, protection, recognition and awakening through dance. Using sport and movement as catalysts for black women’s empowerment.

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