Right to Run

(Nike), 2022

How good can I woman be until she's too good to be woman? World Athletics has restricted women with DSD from competing in specific events on the track, saying that they have an unfair advantage in strength and muscle mass, and the increased testosterone levels improve oxygen-carrying capacity. Under the rules, female athletes who refuse to lower their naturally high testosterone levels are barred from competing at specific distances. Being an athlete with DSD, Caster has been subjected to cruel insults, humiliating sex tests, and outrageous smears to an outright ban. It was clear that, like Caster, female athletes with DSD suffer discrimination from sports federations. While an injustice in women’s sports is happening against athletes with DSD, there is also not enough public awareness. To show Nike stands by DSD athletes, we used this moment to bring awareness to Caster’s mistreatment, and start a conversation about the world’s (low) expectations for female athletes.

Role: Creative Idea / Copywriter
Newspapers: The Guardian (UK), Sowetan (ZA), The Citizen (ZA), M&G (ZA), Sunday Times (ZA)

Level Up Your Language Game

A New Year's campaign made to motivate language learners across Brazil, Mexico, the UK, US and Germany to stick to their goals and (re)start to learn a new language.

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