Samsung Galaxy A

(Samsung), 2021

Teens show adults what they're missing out. 

For the new generation of smartphone owners, a phone is not just something they use to keep in touch with their friends. It’s also the center of their world – used for self expression, studying and side-hustles in equal measure… And we wanted to celebrate that.

This series of short TikTok films focuses on the interplay between generations – the kids doing cool, unexpected stuff on their devices and the skepticism of the adults who observe them and question why they need all these features in the first place. The takeaway being that Samsung ‘gets’ what young people need, even if you oldies don’t.

Role: Creative Idea / Copywriter
Director: Arno Salters

Right to Run

Caster Semenya is an incredibly accomplished runner, Olympian, and world record holder who, along with other DSD female athletes, has been a victim of unfair discrimination and outright bans that violate her right to run.

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