The Doll I've Never Asked For

(Nike), 2018

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who loved playing ball. But she was a girl, so people would only give her dolls.They gave her one, two, three... So many dolls that she even lost track of how many. Then she had a crazy idea to change this cycle: she tore off the dolls' heads and used them as balls. That was how she learnt how to make keepie-uppies, dribbles, olés and goals and little by little turned herself into Andressa Alves, the Brazilian National Team forward striker.

Now Andressa helps to rethink what constitutes a "girls’ toy” and becomes a character, as the doll she never had.It may seem crazy to want to change the future of women's football. But believe it: it's only crazy until you do it.

Role: Creative Idea / Copywriter
Directors: The Fridman Sisters
Illustration: Elisa Sassi

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